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Online every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 4 PM Pacific (unless noted otherwise). Titles, descriptions and RSVP info forthcoming. Schedule is subject to change.

August 6: Dr. Katherine Alexander Anderson, Unexplained Infertility

August 20: Deanna Minich, Fatty Acids

October 1: Chris Masterjohn, PhD,  Methylation, Histamine, MTHFR, Testing Food Sensitivities

October 15: Dr. Bianca Garilli, Caregiver Health & Wellness

November 5: Liz Lipski, PhD, TBD

November 19: Tom Fabian, PhD, Microbiome

December 3 and 17: Heather Cipranis, HU Student, The Medicine of Cannabis

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Disclaimer: The webinars may present information that does not fully reflect Hawthorn University’s philosophy. Nonetheless, these presentations have been chosen because of their overall quality of information.